Meet The Staff: Stacy Verneuil


Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is going to be on Pot-O-Gold’s newest office employee, Stacy Verneuil. Shes only been working at Pot-O-Gold for three weeks now and she’s fitting in like a glove. Stacy’s from Ponchatoula, LA, is 26 years old, and is one of six siblings. She has two sisters and three brothers. Even with such a large family, it’s not complete without Stacy’s 4-year old son Bronson.

Everyone has their hobbies. Some of us like to play video games, some like to fish, and others just like going for a drive. Stacy enjoys swimming and four-wheeler riding. Lucky her! It’s summer in Louisiana right now, and the weather is just perfect for those activities. Ponchatoula is surrounded by rivers and they are excellent places to go four-wheeler riding and for a swim. Just watch for snakes.

Whether it’s a decadent filet mignon from your local steakhouse, fried catfish from home, or a taco from Taco Bell, everyone has their favorite food. With Stacy being a Louisiana girl, it’s no surprise that crawfish tops her list. I mean, can you blame her? The flavors that the crawfish take on from the cajun spices are incredible. The heat that’s left on your lips from all those spices is euphoric. Alas, you can’t have crawfish all year round. They go in and out of season every year just like everything else. When Stacy can’t enjoy a good crawfish boil with friends and family, she finds herself at her favorite restaurant, Rips on the Lake in Mandeville. From what I see on their menu, I may have to go myself. Their food sounds mouth-watering.

After keeping your nose to the grindstone all year long, you’re going to need a break before you break. Some years are so rough that the only thing that can help you recuperate is a perfect vacation. For Stacy, going to the mountains in the winter time would be heaven on earth. I have to say, she’s speaking my language with that one. There is just something magical about a log cabin on the side of a mountain. Sitting next to the hearth warming you feet next to the fire. Relaxing in a hot tub on the balcony overlooking the pines and snow-capped mountains. It warms the soul.

The places we most want to visit don’t always line up with our perfect vacation. If given the opportunity to visit anywhere in the world, Stacy would want to visit either Paris or Italy. One is a city, the other is a country, but both are the birthplace of some of the most amazing food the world has ever seen. She didn’t say why she wanted to go there, but I say the food is reason enough.

If given the opportunity to cast an actress to portray her in a movie, Stacy wouldn’t be able to choose. She likes so many actresses that the decision isn’t an easy one. That’s fair. Casting for a role can be quite difficult.

The alarm clock goes off at 6 am and you’re not happy with life. All you want to do is go back to sleep, but you have responsibilities. You drag yourself out of bed, throw your clothes on for the day, wake your child up and get them ready for the day. Breakfast and lost shoes make mornings a bit of a time crunch, but once you get in the car and drive off to work you have to hype yourself up for the day ahead. You connect your phone to your car and turn on your favorite jams. What do you play? Stacy plays a bit of Kelly Clarkson. Kelly does have some really catchy tunes that can definitely get your blood pumping if you’re a pop music fan. Since you’ve been gone is a classic.

We all have our unusual habits, but that’s part of what makes us human. Stacy has to make sure her TV volume is an even number. I can see how that can get pretty difficult to manage, especially if she doesn’t have 5.1 surround sound. Ever wonder why music is always so loud in a movie and the dialogue is so quite? Movie audio is always mixed in 5.1 surround sound so when it plays through stereo speakers, the audio is way off-balance.

The sound of a powerful engine can send chills up your spine. Most people’s dream cars are super cars; cars with incredibly powerful engines and some of the best engineering in the world. Stacy’s dream car is a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. What can you say? The woman’s got good taste; very expensive taste too. That’s why they call it a dream car, right?

There is a very popular saying, “Don’t meet your heroes.” This is a statement that I don’t fully agree with. Meeting someone face to face reveals character that you don’t see on camera. We all have our heroes and we want to meet them. If given the opportunity, Stacy would want to meet either Pink, Kelly Clarkson, or Adele because “they’re amazing.” I see that Stacy gets a lot of her inspiration from music.

Growing up, most of us wanted to do something exciting when we grew up. We wanted to be cops, firefighters, and astronauts, but Stacy wanted to go another route. She wanted to be a lawyer. Apparently she enjoys a good constructive argument, especially in the name of justice! I wonder if she was in the debate club in high school. Looking back, I wish I was.

Memories are some of the most powerful things in the world. They can bring up so many wonderful and powerful feelings that can overwhelm you. Everyone has that one memory that stands above the rest. Reflecting on it immediately brings a smile to your face and elation washes over you. For Stacy, that memory is when she brought her son to Disney World. I can understand why this would be her most cherished memory. The look of pure joy and excitement on her child’s face coupled with the uncontainable happiness is everything a mother could ask for.

Whether we wanted it or not, we have all had nicknames given to us. Some are endearing and others can be not-so-nice. Stacy has had two notable nicknames growing up: Little Bit and Red. I bet you can guess the origins of those names. If you guess that she’s a little red-head, you would be correct.

When I ask people what the biggest things on their bucket list are, it reveals a lot about them. Come to find out, Stacy is an adrenaline junkie. Before she kicks the bucket, she wants to go skydiving and climb Mt. Everest. You do you Booboo. Have fun.

We all have our guilty pleasures. For most people, their guilty pleasures revolve around chocolate, confections, and other sugary treats. Stacy’s on the other hand, is rather unique. She likes to go to hotels and contemplate taking their comfy pillows, but she never does it for “her life’s sake.” That one is quite unique.

Celebrity crushes are so very common. Everyone has one. Stacy’s first celebrity crush was Channing Tatum. I can see why. The man is built incredibly well and he can move. From Step Up to Magic Mike, Channing Tatum has won the hearts of almost every woman in the country.

We have all been given advice in the past, but not all of it sticks. There is however, that one piece of advice that stays with us throughout the years and has had its hand in moulding who we become. The best piece of advice Stacy has ever received was to never give up because you never know who is watching. I agree with this sentiment. Never give up and push through. Grab the bull by the horns and show it who’s boss.

First jobs are rarely fun, but we’ve all had them. Most of us started out in the food, service, or retail industries. Stacy started in food. Her first job was at Papa Johns when she was in high school. You have to do what you have to do so you can have money to go out with your friends.

Time for my favorite question. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? The reason I love this question so much is because it reveals so much about a person. Stacy would want to be able to become invisible so she could mess with people but never harm them. I can see the headlines now, “Poltergeist Prankster At Large!”

Alright guys that’s going to do it for this Meet The Staff! Stop by next time to learn more about Pot-O-Gold’s amazing, ever-growing family!

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Author: Pot-O-Gold

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Pot-O-Gold has grown to be the Gulf South’s premier portable restroom and roll off dumpster rental company. Pot-O-Gold provides on-site delivery and waste-hauling services to construction sites, commercial developments, special events, and industrial facilities, and has offices from Houston to Pensacola.

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