Helping Your Community And Developing Relationships.

Giving a helping hand to your community is paramount to its success. Volunteering your time, money, or assets can benefit your community greatly and by doing so, you foster relationships you otherwise would never have had. Building these relationships can lead to life long friendships, business opportunities, and potentially love. Never think your work goes unnoticed.

We at Pot-O-Gold Rentals have been doing everything we can to help our communities. While it’s tough to lend our time or money, we at least do what we can by lending our assets. Every year, Pot-O-Gold donates porta potties and dumpsters to various organizations who reach out to us and to those who we reach out to. Developing long-term relationships with other organizations fosters trust that can only be gained by lending a hand.

Since the start of 2018 alone, Pot-O-Gold Rentals donated 100 toilets to various organizations with the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival being the largest by far. To them, we contributed 70 porta potties. The rest were donated to various other organizations who we have fostered or aim to foster relationships with.

These fostered relationships are like a rising tide that raises all ships.

Here’s a shout out all of the amazing organizations we have donated to this year alone. Please click on the images to visit their websites.

banner.jpglogo.pnglogo-1.pngphs.pngScreenshot (26).pngScreenshot (27).pngScreenshot (28).pngScreenshot (29).png

Screenshot (30).png st_tammany_logo.png


Author: Pot-O-Gold

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Pot-O-Gold has grown to be the Gulf South’s premier portable restroom and roll off dumpster rental company. Pot-O-Gold provides on-site delivery and waste-hauling services to construction sites, commercial developments, special events, and industrial facilities, and has offices from Houston to Pensacola.

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