Competition In Chow Town

Everyone loves food. Most people love a good competiton. Following that logic, most people love cooking competitons! The smell of spices and cooked meat fills the air around you. People are moving quickly to prepare amazing food for judging.

John has made it to the semi finals! The challenge is to cook the best pulled pork sandwich! Doing proper pulled pork is an all day process, and as with any cooking, you need clean hands. John has though ahead and ordered himself one of Pot-O-Gold’s handwash stations to keep his hands nice and clean.

The timer shows 30 minutes left on the clock and the pork is ready to come out of the pit and get ready for shredding. Nature calls at the worst time, but luckily John also ordered himself one of Pot-O-Gold’s Standard Portable Toilets to keep by his station for just this reason. He was in and out in a flash! With clean hands he finished shredding the pork, dressed the sandwich, and presented it to the judges. John was in the Finals!

Pot-O-Gold’s porta potties and mobile hand wash sinks are perfect for events like this. Whether you are an indiviual ordering one for your station or the event holder looking to provide a bunch for your contestants, we can provide for you!

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Mudbugs, Spice, and Everything Nice

The peak of crawfish season is upon us. It’s the time of year when crawfish are most plentiful and are at their biggest. At the peak of crawfish season people go full bore into crawfish boils! 40lb sacks of live crawfish go flying out of stores along with cajun spices, onions, mushrooms, lemons, garlic, corn, bread and whatever else people like to throw into their boil.

People invite their family and friends to partake in the festivities. Everyone is gathered for a meal perhaps they only get a chance to eat once a year. Folding card tables are laid out and covered in news paper and the sound of the burner is roaring in the background. Fold out canopies are splayed to combat the heat of the beating sun.

People’s mouths are watering as the spices go into the water on the burner and are being churned by a boat oar. After the water comes to a rolling boil, the freshly rinsed crawfish are dumped into the boling pot strainer then are lowered into the boiling water along with whatever else you wish to be boiled in the delicious brew.

A few minutes pass and the crawfish are done. They are pulled from their spicy bath and are then dumped on the card tables ready for people to dig in. Everything has soaked up all the spices in the boil. The crawfish, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, etc are covered in pepper. This stops no one as everything just tastes so delicious.

With pepper covering everyones hands and sweat dripping from their brow due to the spice and the weather, people will need to clean their hands to effectivly wipe their face without risk of getting pepper in their eyes.

Pot-O-Gold has got your back. Pot-O-Gold’s hand wash stations are best in class mobile sinks with mounted soap dispensers. They offer a convenient solution for clean hands at a crawfish boil which is important for those who dont want their eyes burning. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold


Lights! Camera! Action!

Film is a $35 billion a year industry! Thats huge! As you can imagine, there are a bunch of movie sets around the country set up in odd locations to get the shots they are wanting.

Imagine a large crew filming at this run down old mill off of an old dirt road. You see Morgan Freeman and Sir Patrick Stewart filming a movie together. These fine A-list actors want the best and they get the best. For sanitation purposes, the manager called Pot-O-Gold and ordered one of our Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers.

Pot-O-Gold’s Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers provide the best mobile restroom experience available.  Pot-O-Gold offers a variety of luxury mobile restroom trailers / toilet trailers. Our mobile restroom trailers / toilet trailers are the top of the line in portable sanitation and come in several sizes and styles to meet any of your needs.  Our fleet can cater to any event or project, including festivals, gatherings, parties, or industrial settings.

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Tying The Knot

Emily meets a really great guy named Bernie while relaxing under a big oak tree in the park, and they hit it off immediately. They feel as if they can talk to each other about anything right off the bat. They talk about future plans, politics, food, travel, art, and music. They are the same in virtually every way while being different enough to keep things interesting. Hours fly by while it only seems like minutes. Emily notices the sun starting to fall and asks to see Bernie’s cell phone. She proceeds to put her number into his phone and says “Call me” then she hand his phone back and heads home for the evening. The following day as she is just getting in from work she receives a call from Bernie.

Fast forward three years…

Emily and Bernie have been together for three amazing years. They couldnt be happier. Emily has been planning a huge surprise for Bernie this coming Valentines Day evening. Emily had given Bernie a blindfold the night before and told him to put it on before she arrives at his house to pick him. Emily brings a blindfolded Bernie to the very spot they met. Emily removed Bernie’s blindfold and he beholds a beautiful scene. There is a large quilt laid out on the ground under the oak tree with a spread of food and champagne. Candles illuminate the area with a warm glow. He lays eyes on Emily for the first time all day. She is more beautiful than he has ever seen her. Her brown hair lays over her right shoulder. Her eyes the deepest green, her cheeks rosy, her lips painted a ruby red. Shes wearing the necklace he gave her on their one year anniversary and the most stunning emerald green dress he has ever seen. He feels completely under dressed even while wearing a tux. The only word he can muster is “wow.” Neither of them really have an appetite. All they can do is stare at each other not breaking eye contact. “I have something for you,” Emily says. “I have something for you too,” Bernie retorts. “Okay then,” says Emily. “Close your eyes and I’ll close mine. On the count of 3 we both open.” “Okay,” says Bernie. “1…2…3…” Both open their eyes to see that they are both kneeling holding small boxes open presenting rings. “Yes,” they both said in unison.

Fast forward six months later…

The wedding is in full swing in this beautiful open field. The sun is shining, the breeze is light and crisp, and the birds are singing. The ceremony couldn’t be more perfect. Emily did a wonderful job planning everything. She got the best flowers from the best florist. She got the best celtic band around. She got the best mobile luxury restroom trailers money could buy from Pot-O-Gold. Everything was as perfect as she invisioned. As the wedding winded down to a close, Emily and Bernie got in their limo and rode off into the sunset.

Pot-O-Gold provides the best in luxury mobile restroom trailers that money can buy. Full restrooms on wheels that rival a restroom at a high end restaurant. Pot-O-Gold’s luxury mobile restroom trailers are perfect for any formal occasion. Emily knew this which is why she chose Pot-O-Gold’s luxury mobile restroom trailers. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold


Suck It Up

Jeff has had a long day at work. He makes his home before his wife. He is tired. Eyes sunk in and blood shot. Hunched shoulders and dragging feel. All he wants to do is take a nap before his wife gets home. On his way upstairs he hears something that doesnt sound right coming from the basement. He opens the door to the basement only to see he has water half way up the stairs. He runs to his garage to shut off the master breaker to his house, grabs a flashlight and proceeds down into the basement. He wades in the water to try and find the cause of this and he sees its the main water line. After Jeff crawls out of the basement to shut off the water at the meter he has to weigh his options. He looks around for water pumps and pumping services. He sees that Pot-O-Gold has a new vacuum service!

Pot-O-Gold’s new emergency vacuum service is here for you for any flood or spill you may have. Our rapid and reliable service will shine while setting up and executing the vacuum service. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold



We all love a good movie. Watching one of your favorite stories play out in front of you can be an amazing experience that you will be talking about for a while. Every once in a while (usually on holidays) people will organize a movie screening in a park of some sorts. Droves of people show up with blankets, pillows, and snacks with their friends or significant other in tow.

Say its Valentines Day since it’s right around the corner. You and your significant other show up to this event with a nice comfy blanket to lie on, some chocolates to snack on, and champagne to sip.You find a nice spot on a hill with a clear view of the screen. Love Actually is playing. Love is in the air and the champagne starts flowing! Right around the time where Hugh Grant stands up for Britian’s interests, nature calls. The champagne went right through you.

You look around to find a restroom, and you see a row of golden portable toilets. Pot-O-Gold has saved the day and you can get on with your evening!

Pot-O-Gold portable toilets provide an amazing and affordable sanitation solution for any event. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold



Ah the magic of music! No matter your taste in music be it Jason Aldean or All That Remains, we all love to see a fantastic concert! I remember the first concert I ever went to. I went to see KISS in New Orleans when i was very young, and it was the most powerful experience of my life. I was hooked on live music from that point on. Its like the song “Rock Show” by Halestorm says “…there you are. All the lighters looking just like stars. Sing along, feel the sound, take a ride on the hands of the crowd. Here it comes, the moment when you know you’ll never be the same again! Power chord, see the light! You found your place in the world tonight…at the rock show!…”

There is something about a concert that makes you feel more alive than you have even been in your entire life. You just lose yourself.

Every year there are many music festivals held nation wide in huge outdoor venues. Tens of thousands of people show up to these events. There are massive lineups of bands and they blow the metaphorical roof off of the place.

During all of this excitement nature will eventually call, and when you are having a great time not focusing on anything other than the music, nature has probably been screaming in your ear for the past 30 minutes; you just havent heard her. By the time you hear her, shes … mad?

You push yourself out of the crowd and on the horizon you see a beautiful golden beacon of hope! You see a huge line of Pot-O-Gold portable toilets! After Pot-O-Gold puts nature to bed, you are free to continue your fantastic night!

Pot-O-Gold portable toilets are the best choice for your festival. They are an affordable solution with urinal included. Pot-O-Gold’s service is top notch and will keep the toilets clean and smelling fresh. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold