Meet The Staff: Lee Richardson

Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Lee Richardson, Pot-O-Gold’s very own accountant of 2-years. Lee was born September 24, 1975 and is from Ponchatoula, LA. Lee has been married to his beautiful wife, Bria, for 17 year. They have 2 beautiful girls together, Allee and Anna, and also have a pup named Cocoa. In his free time, Lee enjoys fantasy football, cooking, and playing basketball. When it comes to Lee’s palate, he favors a good taco. Don’t we all. Although his favorite food is tacos, his favorite restaurant is China Lotus. Imagine a taco shell stuffed with chinese food. Sounds interesting. Lee’s ideal vacation is to spend some time in Hawaii in the mountains and on the beach. If Lee could have any actor play him in a movie, he would want Tom Cruise. Lee loves the Mission Impossible movies. Lee is a tall guy so Tom Cruise may need some stilts. When Lee needs to wake up and get motivated for they day, he listens to Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It’s his morning alarm. I can see it now. Lee opening his eyes on the first chord, jumping out of bed and air boxing like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III. Lee’s best attribute is his trustworthiness. Lee’s most unusual habit is that he loves to scare people. “I live in a house full of women. It’s fun!” I can’t call this habit unusual. It’s one of my favorite past times. If Lee could have any vehicle, he would want a monster truck with a monster trailer. “I wouldn’t have to worry about flooding.” Usually I would poke fun at anyone wanting a monster truck, but this man here is thinking practically. Louisiana is one giant flood plain, but the food is great…so we stay. Speaking of food, if Lee could meet anyone, he would want to meet Chef Bobby Flay. “Who doesn’t want to meet the best chef in the world!?” I’m more of a Gordon Ramsay man myself, but to each their own. Funny enough, Lee wanted to be a chef when he was younger. Hey, me too! A little unknown fact about Lee is that he is a deacon at Jerusalem Baptist Church. On of Lee’s most fond memories is breaking out of an escape room with his family with 32 seconds left to spare. I’ve always wanted to do a Saw themed escape room. It sounds like a blast. Lee’s old nickname is Lee for Three. He earned that nickname when he played basket ball as a 3-point shooter. If Lee could visit any place in the world, he would go to where he could catch the biggest fish in the world because he loves to fish. So whale sharks in Cozumel, Mexico? I believe the phrase, “we’re going to need a bigger boat” is quite relevant here. Three things on Lee’s bucket list to be inducted into the basketball hall of fame, going on a cruise with his wife, and scuba diving. Lee’s guilty pleasure is one we can all get behind…PIES! “I absolutely love pies! Chocolate & Pecan.” I want pumpkin pie now. One of the best pieces of advice Lee has ever received was from his dad. “When it comes to helping people, you should never ask why. Your first thought should be why not.” Lee’s first job was a stock boy at a grocery store. Finally, if Lee could have one super power it would be super speed because driving gets old. Hopefully he doesn’t start messing with the speed force and leaves time alone.

Well that’s going to be it for this week’s Meet The Staff! Come back next week to find out more about Pot-O-Gold’s amazing employees!


Meet The Staff: Reyes Martinez, Jr.

Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Reyes Martinez, Jr, a 10 month veteran of Pot-O-Gold! Reyes was born May 2, 1964 and is from Dallas, Texas. Reyes isn’t married, but is currently dating his beautiful girlfriend, Hilda Camacho. In his free time, Reyes enjoys cooking out, watching movies, fishing, traveling, and watching sports of all types. His palate is a simple one. Lasagna from Spaghetti House, Enchiladas from Gonzales Restaurant, and any seafood from Aw Shucks though he “isn’t allowed.” There has to be a story there. To get away from it all, Reyes would ideally enjoy vacationing in Hawaii, Paris, or Yellowstone National Park. My vote is Yellowstone.

If Reyes could pick any actor to play him in a movie he would pick Russell Crowe mainly due to his performance in Gladiator. Are you not entertained?! To start his day off right, Reyes likes to jam to Tejano music. Reyes’ best trait his friendliness. He is always willing to help others in need. Reyes’ most unusual habit is he has to keep his lawn meticulously manicured. There is nothing wrong with a bit of curb appeal. If he could have any car, Reyes would get a Ford or Chevy truck from the showroom floor. I admire that. Most would want a flashy Italian supercar, but not this guy. If Reyes could meet any one, he would have wanted to meet JFK (hey me too!) because of his commitment to helping people. Something that most people don’t know about Reyes is his “kind and sensitive heart.” Wanting to serve his country, Reyes wanted to be a Sergent in the army. One of his most fond memories was playing football in 8th and 9th grades. His nickname is Ye-Ye. Apparently he adopted his father’s old nickname. I wonder how that name came to be. If he could visit one place in the world, Reyes would love to visit the Roman Colosseum or the Mayan Pyramids. Those both sound like sights to behold. The three (3) biggest things on Reyes’ bucket list is to lose weight (we all know that struggle), to dye his hair and facial hair grey, and to get rid of his tattoos. This is why you take a lot of time to contemplate what you are wanting to permanently have on your skin. One of his guilty pleasures is tossing back a few beers. Delicious, delicious beer. His first celebrity crushes were Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels) and Florence Henderson (Brady Bunch). The best advice he has ever received was to never steal from others because they worked to hard for the things they have. Good advice. His very first job was a meat cutter at Schlotsky’s when he was 15 years old. Finally, the one super power he would have is time manipulation. He wants to be able to stop time so he can take the time and enjoy things.

That does it for this week’s Meet The Staff. Come back next week to learn more about our amazing staff! Farewell!

Meet The Staff: Tim Tidwell

Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Tim Tidwell, a 6 month veteran of Pot-O-Gold as a pump truck driver in Lake Charles. Tim was born on Christmas day in 1979 and is originally from Arizona. When Tim has free time, he likes to hunt, fish, and ride his four-wheeler. Sounds like we got ourselves a country boy here folks, but who doesn’t like getting on a boat, casting a line, and smelling the fresh air. Tim’s palate favors authentic Mexican cuisine. Who can blame this man? Tex Mex doesn’t quite hit the spot when you want real mexican food. Tim is married with two children whom are the apple of his eye I’m sure. Tim’s ideal vacation would be to go hunting for elk in the grand canyon. Tim must really love the great outdoors.

If Tim would want anyone to play him in a movie, he would want Mathew Mchonaughey because “he is awesome like me!!!” Well alright alright alright then. Money Talks by AC/DC gets Tim fired up for the day. My man. I can never say no to some AC/DC. His best attribute is his “good heart” which, in my opinion, is a highly underrated quality today. If Tim could have any car, it would be a ’69 GTO Judge. Classic muscle cars is a hard thing to blame a man for loving. That power. That sound. Gotta love it. If he could any person, he would love to have me Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday because they were some “bad guys.” Tim is a 30+ years burn survivor. When he was growing up, Tim wanted to be a veterinarian. A noble cause. His most fond memories are when his kids were born. If he could visit anywhere in the world, he would love to go to the Arlington National Cemetary. I have been there, and let me tell you, it hits your right in the feels. Three things on Tim’s bucket list is to own a 69 Chevelle, a 55 Nomad, and to become a millionaire. One of Tim’s guilty pleasures is to have ice cream or a root beer float before bed. His first celebrity crush wasn’t a celebrity, but a character in a show. Daisy Dukes. I can’t blame the man. She’s a fox. The best piece of advice he has ever received is to “always put God first.” Tim’s first job was a helper at a concrete company. Finally, if he could have one superpower, he would like to be Captain America. 6’2″ and the embodiment of human perfection. The super soldier serum that was given to Steve Rodgers pushed the human body to 100% of it’s potential.

That’s going to do it for this week’s Meet The Staff. Stop by next week to find out more about our amazing employees.

Meet The Staff: Raymond Contreras

Welcome back to Meet The Staff. Today’s focus is going to be on Raymond Contreras, a 5 year veteran of Pot-O-Gold. This week’s segment is going to be on the shorter side, but hopefully you will get a decent enough picture on what makes Raymond tick. He is a bit of a mystery man. Raymond was born on December 12, 1974 in El. Salvador. In his free time Raymond likes to “play.” Seeing answers like these gets my mind racing. Play what? Sports? Video Games? Cello? Let your mind take you on a journey. Raymond palate favors rice and beans. Possibly casamiento? Casamiento is a delicious rice and bean dish from El. Salvador. If you’ve never tried it, I highly suggest you do. Delicious! If any actor were to play Raymond in a movie, he would want Sylvester Stallone to play the role. Who doesn’t love Rocky or Rambo? Raymond’s ideal vacation isn’t a where, but it’s a when. He want to have a nice December vacation. Doing what? Who knows, but my guess is to take a week off for his birthday. Possibly visit Miami. That’s what I would do. Cumbia, Latin-American dance music, gets Raymond pumped and motivated for the day. I mean can u blame the man? When I think of Latin-American dance music, I think of Shakira. How’s that for motivation? Raymond’s most unusual habit is going to work. That’s right! You heard it here first folks! Maybe Ray Ray here is a man of leisure. There’s no shame in that! To end it, Raymond’s first job was labor. That’s right. Labor. Maybe I had the leisure thing wrong. Maybe he’s a man’s man who loves the feeling of sweat on his brow. Who knows?

Alright guys, that’s going to be it for this week’s Meet The Staff. Don’t forget to tune in next week! Bye now!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are taking a step back from our usual blog this week and we are going to talk about breast cancer.  It’s October so breast cancer awareness is front and center in everyone’s mind. For breast cancer in women, the death rate has decreased by 36 percent between 1989 and 2012. And over the last 30 years, the 5-year relative survival rate for breast cancer has gone up by 21.3 percent, according to the ACS. In 1975, the 5-year survival rate for women was 75.2 percent, but in 2008, it was 90.6 percent. Breast cancer is more survivable than ever thanks to advancements modern medicine. At stage 1, you almost have a 100% 5-year survival rate and 93% at stage 2. Because of these incredible numbers, it is more important than ever to do check yourself for any abnormalities about once a month. Men, this goes for you too. Male breast cancer is a thing. About 2,600 men were estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. That may not be a whole lot, but it still happens so be vigilant.

Every October, there are huge fundraisers across the country to raise money to fight breast cancer. People doning pink show up in droves to donate what they can be it their time or money. Walks are held where these pink clad heroes walk miles to bring awareness to the cause. Don your pink ribbons and march! Because of these efforts, cancer research has been slung forward by many bounds. The funding that raised helped save so many lives. The more people made aware of this cause, the more people you will have to donate to it. With more donations comes more funding for research. With more research…well… hopefully one day there will be a cure.

Meet The Staff: Bobby Crosby

Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Bobby Crosby, a 7-year veteran of Pot-O-Gold! Bobby was born June 6, 1973 and is from Hammond, LA. He is currently engaged with his lovely fiance. In his free time, Bobby enjoys “anything sports.” And come chow time, Bobby favors The Chimes’ seafood. If Bobby could go on his ideal vacation, he would like to go white water rafting and hiking in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

If Bobby could have anyone play him in a movie, he would like to be Brad Pitt because of “similar appearance.” Bobby must be beating the ladies off with a stick! Rock and R&B music gets him ready for the day. High octane music will do that to you! Bobby’s best attributes are his easy goingness, his kind heart, and the fact that he is a good friend to many. His most unusual habit is reminiscent of Santa Clause. Every night before bed he partakes in cookies and milk. Sounds delicious. If Bobby could have any car, he would want a Bugatti. If Bobby could meet one person, he would like to meet his grandfather. He passed away before Bobby was born. He and I are alike in that regard. Bobby is a season ticket holder to LSU football (Geaux Tigers) and when he was younger he dreamed of playing for the NFL. One of Bobby’s most fond memories was from his teenage years when his team won the championship. Bobby’s nickname is Sweet Daddy. If he could visit anywhere in the world, he would like to visit Italy. Not a bad place to visit if I do say so myself. Bobby’s bucket list includes skydiving (he is much braver than I), Ride in a helicopter (two birds one stone?), and to go deep-sea diving (he is REALLY brave). Bobby’s guilty pleasure is buying clothes for himself. What can you say? “Every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man”- ZZ Top. His very first celebrity crush was Alyssa Milano. The best piece of advice he has ever received was from his father. “If you want something bad enough, be willing to work for it.” Wise words to live by. Finally, if granted one super power, Bobby would choose the gift of flight.

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Meet The Staff! I will see you guys next week!

Festivals: The Sequel

There are a lot of festivals coming up soon in New Orleans alone. Fried Chicken Festival, Oktoberfest, New Orleans Film Festival, Louisiana Seafood Festival and more. The good times will be rolling and the food will be flowing. And beer. Lots and lots of beer. Especially during Oktoberfest. How’s that for a good time?

Thousands of people flock to these events that last for days at a time to experience all they have to offer. Nothing is quite like spending time with friends and family at a festival having the time of your life. Chowing down on delicious food, tossing back tasty lauger, and watching some incredible indie films make for a wonderful experience. Pot-O-Gold is here to help elevate that experience.

Pot-O-Gold is the gulf south’s premier portable toilet and dumpster company. We have been around since 1983 gaining a ton of loyal customers who use us for every event, construction project, and disaster relief. Pot-O-Gold’s event portable toilets provide an excellent restroom solution for any festival. Our handwash stations are paramount to help keep your hands clean and free of dirt, grime, and germs at the major food festivals. Pot-O-Gold’s roll off dumpsters provide a fantastic way to manage all of the garbage that accumulates at these events.

Visit or call 1-888-768-6465 to learn more.

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