Arts n’ Crafts

Everybody loves a good craft festival. They provide a wonderful opportunity for people to profit from their craft. From wood burning to candle making and cross-stitching to leather work, craft festivals are abundant with independent little shops which sell their wares. Craft festivals can be massive events with hundreds and hundreds of people. As the festival carries on, nature will call to a number of the patrons, and this is where Pot-O-Gold comes in!

Pot-O-Gold’s special event portable toilets are perfect for occasions like craft festivals. Our special event portable toilets come equipped with a corner mounted shelf where you can safely rest your good off of the ground. It also comes with a small vanity mirror so you can make sure you are looking as fresh as possible. Visit our website or call 1-888-768-6465 to learn more.


The Convenience of a Connected World

Over the past decade, our world has become more connected than ever. Websites have become far easier to navigate and people can stay in touch with their friends and family much easier. There were two defining moments that shot our world forward and the result is what you see today. August 6, 1991 is the day the internet became available to the public. This would be the foundation of everyday life for most of the modern world. Back then, the internet was a very small place with barely anything there. Today the internet is massive. People’s entire businesses are run on the backbone of this amazing technology. The fact the the internet is open and free, every single business has an equal chance to succeed on this platform. June 29, 2007 a brilliant man named Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, released the iPhone. This piece of technology was the father of all smartphones. It had major drawbacks, but it put the internet in the palm of your hand. Because of this wonderful piece of technology, it spurred unfathomable growth in the market and everyone was connected with their friends and family all the time due to the 2004 release of Facebook. Shopping became easier. People soon were able to shop for almost anything while they were anywhere in the world. People today are able to order almost anything online and get it delivered almost anywhere in the world.

Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC is one of the only sanitation companies that has online ordering. You can order portable toilets, dumpsters, and more from the comfort of your own home or while you are out and about. Our online ordering is growing by the day and is becoming the prefered way to shop our services. Visit our website now to view our products and place your online order.

Online Ordering

Cowabunga Dude

Standing at the edge of the half pipe with sweat dripping from his brow, Oliver has his board at the ready. Oliver steels his nerves, closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. He mounts his board and shifts his weight forward. Oliver starts flying down the slope of the half pipe on his board, and as soon as he reached the bottom he was already flying up the other side. The moment of truth has come! He soars into the air, grabs his board, and spins! His board lands back on the pipe and his mind is blown. He did an indie 360 and couldn’t be more hyped! His nerves are gone and now his fears are completely calmed. He flys back up the other side, grabs the lip of the half pipe with one hand and grabs the board with the other performing a hand stand. He slams his board back into the half pipe and stops himself at the bottom of the pipe. He looks up and sees his girlfriend Dinah smiling and holding 2 vanilla icecream cones and 2 bottles of soda. “I got you something Oli,” she said. Oliver grinned and pointed to a large oak tree. “Let’s go sit at the table under that tree,” he said. After a downing the soda and ice cream and a flirtatios conversation, Oliver heard Nature’s call. Luckily the manage of the skate park keeps Pot-O-Gold’s amazing portable toilets on site!

Pot-O-Gold’s amazing portable toilets make a perfect solution to answer Nature’s call at any outdoor location. Pot-O-Gold’s standard portable toilet is perfect for those who are on a budget and our special event toilets provide a little extra with a corner mounted shelf and a vanity mirror all while adding an asthetic upgrade. Pot-O-Gold also offers handicap accessible portable toilets which are spacious and come with support bars. For more information, visit our website or call 888-768-6465


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Baseball season is in full swing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and people are spending a lot more time outside due to this as baseball is the highest spectated sport in the world due to the high number of games that are played in a season. Baseball is America’s past time for a reason. This wonderful game has entertained millions of people every year since its inception. It is a wonderful family sport and it’s always so entertaining to watch. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, Cracker Jacks, and hotdogs along with the ever so beloved song Take Me Out To The Ball Game are staples at any baseball event even though the song seems to be phased out for more popular music unfortunately. Parents are watching their kids play in little league, people are going to watch their favorite high school, college, or professional team, and depending on the location of these games, a restroom solution may or may not be supplied by the venue. This is where Pot-O-Gold can help.

Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC has porta potty rentals for any and every occasion. Our standard porta potty will do the job just fine, but if you want a little extra you can rent our special event porta potties which are outfitted with a vanity mirror and a small corner mounted shelf for you to store your good while you take care of business. We are also aware there are those who need a little extra space so we also offer spacious handicap accessible units which are equipped with hand rails for support and guidance. For more information visit our website or call 888-768-6465.



Church Events

Religion is a large part of many people’s lives here in the south and due to that, we have a lot of church-going people. Some of these churches hold events to raise money or build community. Whether it be intramural sports, a bake sale, or a craft sale, these events draw passers-by in to partake in what’s being offered. As with any large gathering, nature is bound to call at some point, and when you’re outside in a pubic area, you need a place to answer that call.

Pot-O-Gold’s Special Event Portable Toilets and Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets are fantastic solutions to answer that call. Our Special Event Portable Toilets provide ample room and are outfitted with a vanity mirror and small mounted shelf for you to place your items. Our Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets are perfect for those who need a little extra room or support. Our Handicap Stalls are larger than your average portable toilet with a 5ft x 5ft floor space and mounted hand rails to provide weight support. Our spacious Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets provide ample room for wheel chairs, walkers, and swing room for those on crutches. Order Online From Pot-O-Gold Today or Call 1-888-768-6465 To Learn More!


A New Start

Every now and then we all need a fresh start or some sort of new beginning. Think of it as a rebirth of yourself or your life. Some find their new beginning after a failed relationship and try to recreate themselves, others find a religious doctrine to guide them after they have fallen on hard times, and some just move away from it all to start a whole new life in a completely different place. They pack up and just go. When these people start a life in a new place, sometimes they decide to build a new home for themselves.

Building a new life and a dream home is a dream come true for a lot of people. For the home, some hire contractors, others build the home themselves to create the their vision with their own two hands. Building yourself your new home requires a lot of materials, a lot of time, a whole lot of elbow grease, and above all else…a whole lot of heart. Months pass and they have built a home they can truly call their own. Their new life begins, and it’s perfect.

Pot-O-Gold provides portable toilets, hand wash stations, and roll off dumpsters to construction sites of any size. Our portable toilets provide an excellent restroom experience and is complimented by our hand wash stations which helps keep your hands nice and sanitary. Our roll off dumpsters are the best choice to dispose of construction waste.  Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold! or call 1-888-768-6465 to learn more.

Speaking of new starts, Pot-O-Gold has just partnered with Three Sixty Eight to completely overhaul our website. In the coming months, will go through a drastic change for the better. Our website will be faster, more user-friendly, and much more optimized to provide a much higher quality end-user experience. Our online ordering system will also undergo the same treatment to make the whole online shopping experience more streamlined and far less complicated. If anyone needs a website developed, visit Three Sixty Eight!New-beginnings

Run Forest Run!

“…and I was running!” Marathons are a huge deal in the fitness world. Marathons are run for competition, charity, and much more. It takes months of training to be able to run a marathon because not everybody can run 26.21 miles without stopping or passing out. Completing a marathon is a major feat. Water and sports drinks are usually passed out at certain throughout the marathon to the runners and a lot of it. Most of the what the runners take in is excreted as sweat, but not all of it. No matter how hard you work, if you are taking in liquid, nature will come calling.

Pot-O-Gold’s portable toilets are perfect for these events! We have provided toilets to many marathons in the past! Our standard portable toilets and handicap portable toilets are perfect solutions for these event. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold!