Meet The Staff: Megan Serigne

Today’s subject is one of our newest recruits, Megan Serigne. She was born 4-21-89 and grew up in Braithwaite, LA. She moved to Tickfaw, LA in October of 2015. “I like shopping, cooking and watching movies. Scary movies are my favorite. I try to spend as much free time as i can going to Braithwaite to see my 3-year-old god child.” She likes lots of foods, but her favorites revolve around pasta. MMMMmmmmm.

“In October 2015 my husband Ty and I were married on a cruise. We purchased our first home in Tickfaw one year later. No children yet but our husky Luna takes up most of our attention and time.”

Megan started working for Pot-O-Gold almost a month ago and she loves it. “I like working so close to home vs the drive I  used to make for my last job. I also like that everyone here is so nice and helpful.”

“I would love to go back to Disney. That is one of my favorite childhood memories.”


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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Baseball season is in full swing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and people are spending a lot more time outside due to this as baseball is the highest spectated sport in the world due to the high number of games that are played in a season. Baseball is America’s past time for a reason. This wonderful game has entertained millions of people every year since its inception. It is a wonderful family sport and it’s always so entertaining to watch. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, Cracker Jacks, and hotdogs along with the ever so beloved song Take Me Out To The Ball Game are staples at any baseball event even though the song seems to be phased out for more popular music unfortunately. Parents are watching their kids play in little league, people are going to watch their favorite high school, college, or professional team, and depending on the location of these games, a restroom solution may or may not be supplied by the venue. This is where Pot-O-Gold can help.

Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC has porta potty rentals for any and every occasion. Our standard porta potty will do the job just fine, but if you want a little extra you can rent our special event porta potties which are outfitted with a vanity mirror and a small corner mounted shelf for you to store your good while you take care of business. We are also aware there are those who need a little extra space so we also offer spacious handicap accessible units which are equipped with hand rails for support and guidance. For more information visit our website or call 888-768-6465.



Meet The Staff: Mason Bridges

Today’s subject is Mason Bridges. Mason was born August 13, 1996 and is from Prairieville, LA. Mason also spent a large portion of his life in Pace, Florida. He is the second child of 4. He has 3 sisters; Mallory (middle), Julie (right), and Shellie (left). Mason enjoys playing flag foot ball and “going on adventures” during his free time. As a guy of simple tastes, his pallete favors homemade mac and cheese and Raisin’ Canes chicken fingers. Mason’s ideal vacation would to take a trip to Israel.

Mason has been with Pot-O-Gold for over three years but “in a couple of months, I will be walking away from Pot-O-Gold to go pursue what my heart desires at ministry school. I am blessed to have received this job and the friendships I have made along the way.”


Church Events

Religion is a large part of many people’s lives here in the south and due to that, we have a lot of church-going people. Some of these churches hold events to raise money or build community. Whether it be intramural sports, a bake sale, or a craft sale, these events draw passers-by in to partake in what’s being offered. As with any large gathering, nature is bound to call at some point, and when you’re outside in a pubic area, you need a place to answer that call.

Pot-O-Gold’s Special Event Portable Toilets and Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets are fantastic solutions to answer that call. Our Special Event Portable Toilets provide ample room and are outfitted with a vanity mirror and small mounted shelf for you to place your items. Our Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets are perfect for those who need a little extra room or support. Our Handicap Stalls are larger than your average portable toilet with a 5ft x 5ft floor space and mounted hand rails to provide weight support. Our spacious Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets provide ample room for wheel chairs, walkers, and swing room for those on crutches. Order Online From Pot-O-Gold Today or Call 1-888-768-6465 To Learn More!


Meet The Staff: Camren Robinson

Today’s subject is Camren Robinson, a man of few words so this blog will be a bit brief. Camren was borin 9/30/86 and is from Independence, LA. Camren is the father of four children and he wants nothing more than to take them on the most memorable vacation that Disney World can offer; afterall, he loves to spend time with his kids more than anything. When Camren needs a little “me time,” he enjoys riding motorcycles. Camren enjoys a good slice of pizza, but his favorite resturant is Buch Seafood. Camren has been a loyal Pot-O-Gold employee for over 12 years!


Meet The Staff: Betsy Saladino

Welcome back to Meet The Staff everyone! Today’s subject is the lovely Betsy Saladino! She was born March 29, 1975 and grew up in Belle Chasse, LA. She moved to Hammond, LA in 2006 and she claims it has her “best move ever” as she loves it here and favors the simpler country life. She is married to her lovely wife Bernadette (Bernie) Saladino. They tied the knot just over a year ago on March 12, 2016, but they have been together since 1997. They met at Boomtown Casino where they both worked at the time. A bit poetic isn’t it? Every relationship one enters is a bit of a gamble, and sometimes you score big. When you score as big as these two lovely ladies have, you just have to cash out! Betsy doesn’t have any children of her own so she loves to spend time her nieces and nephews Talia, Selia, Sammy, Gabe, Eric,and Timothy. She has a lot of fur children though. She has five dogs (Toula, Rizzo, Jake, Lena, and Nellie), three cats (Bailey, Kitty, and Itty Bitty Kitty), and two birds (Jay and Stanley). As anyone with at least one good eye can see, she has quite the sizable family. Her favorite food styles are Mexican (El Paso in Hammond) and Chinese (North Island Chinese in Covington). Her ideal vacation is in Tennessee. Tennessee is her favorite place to be. “I love being in the mountains.” She would also like to go to Maine to see what that part of the country has to offer

Betsy has worked for Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC for 9 years in accounts receivables. “I love helping my customers!”


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A New Start

Every now and then we all need a fresh start or some sort of new beginning. Think of it as a rebirth of yourself or your life. Some find their new beginning after a failed relationship and try to recreate themselves, others find a religious doctrine to guide them after they have fallen on hard times, and some just move away from it all to start a whole new life in a completely different place. They pack up and just go. When these people start a life in a new place, sometimes they decide to build a new home for themselves.

Building a new life and a dream home is a dream come true for a lot of people. For the home, some hire contractors, others build the home themselves to create the their vision with their own two hands. Building yourself your new home requires a lot of materials, a lot of time, a whole lot of elbow grease, and above all else…a whole lot of heart. Months pass and they have built a home they can truly call their own. Their new life begins, and it’s perfect.

Pot-O-Gold provides portable toilets, hand wash stations, and roll off dumpsters to construction sites of any size. Our portable toilets provide an excellent restroom experience and is complimented by our hand wash stations which helps keep your hands nice and sanitary. Our roll off dumpsters are the best choice to dispose of construction waste.  Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold! or call 1-888-768-6465 to learn more.

Speaking of new starts, Pot-O-Gold has just partnered with Three Sixty Eight to completely overhaul our website. In the coming months, will go through a drastic change for the better. Our website will be faster, more user-friendly, and much more optimized to provide a much higher quality end-user experience. Our online ordering system will also undergo the same treatment to make the whole online shopping experience more streamlined and far less complicated. If anyone needs a website developed, visit Three Sixty Eight!New-beginnings