Tropes Against Porta Potties

There are many negative tropes against portable toilets. A lot of people view them as gross, unsanitary, and at times a bit of a social space for people’s less than kosher thoughts. Pot-O-Gold aims to break those views. We pride ourselves on providing the most sanitary porta potties possible while maintaining that cleanliness by our superior toilet servicing.

Let’s begin with the obvious! Potta potties are notorious for being confused with Facebook, Twitter, and the Louvre. I comple-porta-potty-inside-4027666121_afba4ec9c2
tely understand the confusion because they are so similar amirite? Graffiti is plastered
all over these toilets both inside and out. Pot-O-Gold has secret weapon against this social network known and the art that gets posted there. Our graffiti remover leaves the walls looking like new! A lot of advertised grafitti removers don’t cut deep enough to remove permanent marker from the porous plastic, but our solution does. You will be hard pressed to find a Pot-O-Gold porta potty vandalized for very long.

Onto the other major negative trope against porta potties. People tend to have a view that porta potties are smelly and unsanitary. While that may be true for some, Pot-O-Gold’s fleet of drivers makes sure that doesn’t happen to our toilets. We aim to give you image05the highest portable toilet experience that we can. When our drivers service the toilets, they don’t just make sure the tank has been pumped and filled with the famous blue chemical. They take a scraper tool and scrape all the mud and bio waste from the floor and the top of the reservoir. They rinse the excess out with a water hose, and from there, they sanitize the unit with a mixture of bleach and Awesome. To make the unit smell fresh, our drivers spray a highly concentrated scented deodorizing spray all throughout the toilet. When our drivers are done servicing the toilets, they should be as fresh as possible. Pot-O-Gold aims to give you a 5-star experience every single time, from the moment you place your order to the moment we pick the unit up.

Pot-O-Gold’s porta potties stand on the shoulders of giants. Our superior servicing makes it so. If it wasn’t for our highly trained fleet of pump truck drivers, our toilets would just be your run-of-the-mill portable toilets. We are proud to say that we are much better than that and you deserve much better that. Pot-O-Gold should be your first and only choice for mobile sanitation. For more information visit our website or call 888-768-6465!


Meet the Staff: Melissa Gossett

Hello everyone! Welcome back to “Meet The Staff!” Today’s focus will be on our office manager Melissa Gosset. I gave her a paper with a few questions on it and she gave me an essay. The rest of this is written from her perspective. Enjoy

I am from Loranger, La- Born in Natchez, MS (July 27, 1976), I lived in north Louisiana during my early childhood, high school, and early adulthood. I moved back to this area, where my family is originally from, in 2001 to be close to my parents

I have been with Pot-O-Gold since April 2001, 16 years! Wow how time flies!! I began at Pot-O-Gold when the only equipment we rented was portable toilets and we serviced only the southeast Louisiana area. I have been a part of this growing company from expanding into roll-off containers to the expansions of service into the areas of Pensacola, Mobile, Houston, Galveston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Lake Charles. I have been the office manager for Pot-O-Gold for 8 years. I truly love this company and the people who I get to work with every day. This place is home to me.

As a mom of 3, I do not have much time for hobbies unless you consider being housekeeper, cook (although I try to cook as little as possible), tutor, motivator, nurturer, task master and control freak as being hobbies. I do LOVE to shop and by that I mean that I probably need to be in a support group for that. I also love home decorating.

Unfortunately my favorite foods are foods that love me which just love to stick around, like to my thighs. I LOVE sweets, bread, and pasta. You know, all those fun things that make you want to slap your momma because they are oh-so good.

I am a mother to 3 amazing boys who take joy in seeing how they can make fun of me. My oldest, Brant, graduated high school this past school year and can I say what a relief that was although I was sure he would have graduated long before then because he knows everything and should have skipped at least 3 or 4 grades. My middle son, Reed, is 16 and quite the social butterfly. My youngest, Phillip, who will be 9 in August, plans to be a millionaire by 30. My amazing partner in this life, Tim, has put up with me for 10 years and it has been the best 10 years of his life!

My ideal vacation is somewhere in the Smokies where I can sit on a porch swing, wrapped up in a blanket with a good book and a hot cup of coffee, a lake in front of me, and the mountains in the backdrop.

My dream would be to have a HUGE animal sanctuary. I have loved animals as long as I can remember and hate to know that any suffer. They give such unconditional love and I feel it’s horrible how people can abuse and be so neglectful to them. I would rescue each and every one I could. Much to Tim’s dislike, I am a procrastinator. I love strongly, I am opinionated, loyal, witty, sarcastic, and to everyone’s surprise…I am tender-hearted and doing things to help others makes me happy.


Meet The Staff: Timothy Vandergriff

Welcome back to “Meet The Staff” everybody! Today’s focus is going to be on Tim Vandergriff Jr. This gentleman is a 10 year veteran here at Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC! Tim answered my questions very concise and to the point so there isn’t much detail. I figured since the answers were so consise, we are going to do things a little different today. I’m going to format this blog interview-style. So without further adieu, 3…2…1…

Welcome! I’m glad to have you on the show!

Thanks! Glad to be here!

Please introduce yourself to the audience!

Hey everyone! My name is Timothy Vandergriff, but you can call me Tim.

Well Tim, do you mind if I ask you a few questions so our audience can get to know you?

Yes! Absolutely!

Great! So, how old are you?

I’m 34 years old.

Oh? So when’s your birthday?

November 13th

So you will make 35 this year?

Yes that’s correct!

Awesome. Awesome. So, where are you from originally?

Originally, I’m from Houston, but I have spent most of my life in Mobile, AL and Columbia, SC.

My my! You’re from all over the place now aren’t you?

Yea a little bit.

How long have you worked for Pot-O-Gold?

Just over 10 years.

Over a decade? Really?


Wow! Such a long time. Well, tell me a bit about your family.

Well let’s see. I’m the middle child of 5.

Wow. Sharing space must have been “fun” growing up!

It wasn’t that bad. Anyhow, My wife and I have been married for over 6 years now and we have a 5-year-old son. I’m hoping to add on to that in the near future.

Wow. How lovely. Short, sweet, and to the point! I LIKE IT! So! One to more fun things! What do you like to do for fun?

Well, I enjoy riding motorcycles, shooting firearms and silver bullion.

What on earth is silver bullion?

Silver bullion is basically investing in silver.

Oh neat! So, what’s your favorite food, restaurant, etc?

I really enjoy fish and seafood more than other foods, but I don’t get to eat as much as I would like due to my family not being too fond of seafood.

Oh I would die. Seafood is the best food! One final question before I let you go! What is your ideal vacation?

I would love to visit Alaska. It’s just so beautiful and serene there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Tim Vandergriff! -applause- Thanks for coming on the show! Goodnight!


Ok I hope you readers enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed writing that.


Arts n’ Crafts

Everybody loves a good craft festival. They provide a wonderful opportunity for people to profit from their craft. From wood burning to candle making and cross-stitching to leather work, craft festivals are abundant with independent little shops which sell their wares. Craft festivals can be massive events with hundreds and hundreds of people. As the festival carries on, nature will call to a number of the patrons, and this is where Pot-O-Gold comes in!

Pot-O-Gold’s special event portable toilets are perfect for occasions like craft festivals. Our special event portable toilets come equipped with a corner mounted shelf where you can safely rest your good off of the ground. It also comes with a small vanity mirror so you can make sure you are looking as fresh as possible. Visit our website or call 1-888-768-6465 to learn more.


Meet the Staff: Darrell Beavers

Welcome back to meet the staff. Today’s meet the staff is unique as it is written in Darrell’s perspective. Usually I have people fill out a questionnaire, but this man went above that and wrote everything himself.

“Hello! My name is Darrell Beavers and I was born July 1956 in bigtown Batesville, MS. I’ve now hailed from Ponchatoula, LA For 35 years. I have been with Pot-O-Gold for 11 years as Operations Manager for Galveston, TX and yes walking on the beach is fantastic and relaxing. I like to bowl, fish, and listen to oldies music. My favorite foods are steak and baked potato from Saltgrass Steakhouse. I love spending time with my 4 sons and 8 lovely grandchildren. I would someday like to go on a 21 day cruise because it is so relaxing”


The Convenience of a Connected World

Over the past decade, our world has become more connected than ever. Websites have become far easier to navigate and people can stay in touch with their friends and family much easier. There were two defining moments that shot our world forward and the result is what you see today. August 6, 1991 is the day the internet became available to the public. This would be the foundation of everyday life for most of the modern world. Back then, the internet was a very small place with barely anything there. Today the internet is massive. People’s entire businesses are run on the backbone of this amazing technology. The fact the the internet is open and free, every single business has an equal chance to succeed on this platform. June 29, 2007 a brilliant man named Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, released the iPhone. This piece of technology was the father of all smartphones. It had major drawbacks, but it put the internet in the palm of your hand. Because of this wonderful piece of technology, it spurred unfathomable growth in the market and everyone was connected with their friends and family all the time due to the 2004 release of Facebook. Shopping became easier. People soon were able to shop for almost anything while they were anywhere in the world. People today are able to order almost anything online and get it delivered almost anywhere in the world.

Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC is one of the only sanitation companies that has online ordering. You can order portable toilets, dumpsters, and more from the comfort of your own home or while you are out and about. Our online ordering is growing by the day and is becoming the prefered way to shop our services. Visit our website now to view our products and place your online order.

Online Ordering

Meet The Staff: Randall Rutherford Jr.

Welcome back to Meet The Staff. Today’s subject is Randall Rutherford Jr, born October 7, 1976. Randall is from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and he has worked for Pot-O-Gold for over a year now. “I love my job.” He has a baby boy on the way and he has a 16-year-old daughter who will be graduating high school early! “I am a very proud father!” In his free time he likes to watch Saints football and racing. He loves Cajun food and seafood (smart man). His ideal vacation is to go on an Alaskan cruise, but this year he will spend his vacation at home with his baby boy. That’s all for Randall. Short, sweet, and to the point.


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