Meet The Staff: Sarah Kraemer

Today’s focus is on Sarah Kraemer. She was born June 22, 1991 and is from Tickfaw, Louisiana. Sarah has been together with her husband, Dustin, for 9 years. They have been married for 4. She has 2 beautiful little girls; a 4 year old named Aubrey and a 1 year old named Brinlee. She also has 2 fur babies! One is a white chocolate schnauzer named Ralph and a Catahoula named Ruger.

Sarah really enjoys hunting, fishing, and cook outs with friends and family. She has also started gardening with her eldest child Aubrey.

Sarah doesn’t have favorite specific foods, she has favorite styles! She loves Mexican, Italian, and sushi. Everyone can agree that her tastes are fantastic!

To cap this off, she doesnt have an ideal vacation, but an adventure. Spontaneity is definately in this woman’s wheel house. She wants to pack up her girls and hit the road. Where the road will bring them, nobody knows.Resized_DSC_4943

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History of Portable Toilets

“Public restrooms are critical in crowded areas or during big events. This need for a portable toilet was first recognized at the shipyards in Long Beach, California, in the 1940s. Workers there had to walk a significant distance to use the bathroom. The solutions was a temporary toilet installed closer to the workers. It was made of wood and hand a holding tank for waste. Others in the construction industry or those hosting events with large crowds soon recognized the versatility of such an invention. It was self-contained and required no moving parts, power, or water. The heavy wood “cabanas” were replaced with fiberglass models in the early 1970s. By the end of the decade, portable toilets were made using polyethylene, making the toilets lighter, more durable, and easier to clean. Present portable toilets are designed the same way.”-How the Toilet Changed History by Laura Perdew.

The success of the clean and portable toilet is almost unparalleled. The advantage of being self-contained, having no moving parts, requiring no power source and the use of attractive non-porous plastic with smooth surfaces, has made the portable toilet superior to many permanent facilities.

As part of the value of rented portable toilets, Pot-O-Gold cleans their portable toilets on a weekly basis or by request.  At service time, Pot-O-Gold sends a pump truck to the toilet site where the driver sanitizes the inside of the toilet’s holding tank and cabin. Blue chemical and water is added to freshly pumped holding tank and the unit is then deodorized. The driver then refills the toilet paper, leaving customers with a clean portable restroom.

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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon. Beer will be flowing especially to the green- clad red heads! “Kiss me I’m Irish” will be the coined phrase of the day. Music will be blasted and people will dance and drink their night away.

With all that beer flowing, nature will do more than call to those choosing to partake in the festivities, but it will be screaming at them. As we all know, beer makes you have to go.

Pot-O-Gold can bring the much needed relief to your patrons. Our portable toilets provid the perfect solution for natures mighty call and our hand wash stations provide the perfect compliment to our porta potties to giv your patrons clean hands.

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Meet The Staff: Nathan Shelton

Well seeing as we started a meet-the-staff blog, I figured you guys should know a little bit about the person who writes these things.

My name is Nathan Shelton. I was born May 17, 1991. As for where I’m from, that’s a bit of a tough question. I lived most of my early life in Zachary, Louisiana, but I spent my high school and some of my college years in Pensacola, Florida. I moved back to Louisiana in 2010. Now my girlfriend of 4 years and I live in Baton Rouge with our 3 amazing fur children; cats named Shaggy (Shagadellic), Yuna (Yuna Tuna), and Diana (Princess Die Die).

I’m one of Pot-O-Gold’s newest recruits. I was hired on just 2 months ago (Jan 3, 2017) as a search engine optimization specialist, but I also manage the social networking, picture/ video editing, and a handful of other tasks.

My hobbies are few, but the few that I have I’m extremely passionate about. I love gaming. I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. I was born with a Sega Genesis controller in my hands. My love of gaming grew to what it is today from the age of 2. I get giddy as a school girl when there is a new game that I have been waiting on about to release. I live alternate lives through the eyes of the characters in these games. One day I’m a titan defending the last city  from the fallen, and next day I’m the worlds most famous witcher, a trained monster hunter who slays all manner of beast from packs of rabid dogs to lechens to higher vampires. Gaming for me is what reading is to others. I completely immerse myself in these fictional worlds. I become the protagonist. I feel what they feel. No game will crush you more than the Last of Us. You completely lose control of your emotions and you just cry while your heart is ripped from your chest all within the first 20 minutes of the game. To me, video games are far more than just games. They are some of the purest forms of art expressed through an interactive digital medium. I also stream on Twitch most days. Feel free to stop by any time at I could go on for hours about video games so I think I’ll leave it there.

Food! Now there is one of my favorite subjects. I love food. I wont go on a tangent like I did about gaming, but my favorite food is easily sushi. I like it raw! None of this tempura “sushi.” My favorite sushi house closed down a few years ago due to the owner becoming a missionary. Now I tend to get my sushi from a rather good sushi house called Ginza.

Vacationing really isn’t my thing. I prefer a good staycation. I love sitting at home with my girlfriend and my fur children, snuggling on the couch, and watching some Netflix or YouTube. Playing some games late into the night and then sleeping in until 11 or 12. That sounds wonderful. Now if I HAD to choose an actual dream vacation, I would have to say that I want to go back to Universal Studios and Disney World. I love the atmosphere down there.

Other little nuggets of info about me:

  • I’m a metal head. I grew up on 80’s hair metal, but my taste grew from there. My tastes range from old school Led Zeppelin to All That Remains to Slipknot to Def Leppard.
  • I’ve been playing guitar off and on for about a decade. I should be much better than I am. I’ve been more off than on I guess.
  • My computer is my baby. I’ll spare the spec sheet for the sake of the layman, but with 3 27″ 4k monitors, it’s quite impressive.
  • Green is my favorite color, and I find black to be the perfect accent to it.
  • Android not iOS.
  • PC over Mac.
  • I like to cosplay
  • Sub not dub
  • I love Norse history, legends, and mythology

That about wraps it up. 17270492_1442885909055790_1539198051_n

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Fundraising is sometimes a necessity for certain ideas to come to fruition. There are usually a lot of people and these fund-raising events. They are usually held out doors when the weather is nice. Donations are made and products are sold to raise money to fund certain nonprofit organizations or ideas that would otherwise fall flat due to no influx of money. These fundraisers rely on the good nature of people to donate.

During these large events, nature will eventually call to the attendees. Luckily the organization holding this fundraiser ordered Pot-O-Gold’s special event porta potties, handicap accessible porta potties, and mobile hand wash sinks.

Pot-O-Gold’s portable toilets provide a best mobile restroom experience and Pot-O-Gold’s mobile hand wash stations provide a great solution for clean hands.

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Meet The Staff: Katherine Guidry


Today’s lucky subject is Katherine Guidry; born January 10th, 1990! Katherine is from Bossier City, Louisiana, but she moved to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area when she started middle school. She graduated from Irving High School in 2008! She married her husband Cliff on April 20th, 2013. They have 2 amazing boys: Kayden, who is 8 and Colin, who is 4! She is also the mother of 2 fur children! She has 2 dogs named Roux and Cypress!

Katherine has worked for Pot-O-Gold for nearly 3 years and she loves it! “As a sales representative, I meet so many interesting people from all over the place.”

Over the last couple of years, her life has changed a bit and so has her hobbies. “Being a mom of two boys has pretty well taken over free time so my hobbies have changed from dancing and figure skating to coaching a boys little league baseball team and getting ready to coach a 4-year-old in soccer. But I do enjoy fishing with my boys when our schedule permits. And science projects! We love cool science museums and experiments.” It’s sounds like she really enjoys being a mom!

Katherine may be a Texan now, but her palate will always be Louisianan! “I LOVE  food! If I had to choose just one style, it would definitely be Creole. My favorite dish is Jambalaya from Jambalaya Shoppe. When I go to Baton Rouge to visit family and friends I eat the whole time I’m visiting! There’s a few restaurants in Dallas that serves Creole dishes but it’s not the same.”

Her idea of a perfect vacation would be going to Europe! “Since I was young I have always wanted to visit London, England and Paris, France. There is so much history and stunning architecture. That has always fascinated me! I even took 4 years of French in high school.”

Anything else about you that you wish to share:

  • When going through sales training with Pot-O-Gold, I cleaned a few portable toilets. I had no idea where to even begin! It was an educational experience.
  • I have never been out of the southern part of the United States.
  • My boys are big time Mama’s boys!
  • I like to plan parties.

I have a dream board because I believe that if you can see it, you can believe it and achieve it.


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Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers

First Class Accommodations

For unparalleled comfort and cleanliness, Pot-O-Gold offers a variety of luxury mobile restroom trailers / toilet trailers. Our mobile restroom trailers / toilet trailers are the top of the line in portable sanitation and come in several sizes and styles to meet any of your needs.  Our fleet can cater to any event or project, including festivals, gatherings, parties, or industrial settings. All of our luxury mobile restroom trailers are air conditioned and heated with hand washing sinks and decorative mirrors


14 Stall Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers

Pot-O-Gold’s 14 stall luxury mobile restroom trailers feature 7 flushable women’s stalls, 3 flushable men’s stalls, and 4 urinals!


9 Stall Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers

Pot-o-Gold’s 9 stall luxury mobile restroom trailers feature 5 flushable women’s stalls, 2 flushable men’s stalls, and 2 urinals!


7 Stall Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers

Pot-O-Gold’s 7 stall luxury mobile restroom trailers feature 3 flushable women’s stalls, 1 flushable men’s stall, and 3 urinals!


2 Stall Luxury Mobile Restoom Trailers

Pot-O-Gold’s 2 stall luxury mobile restroom trailers feature 1 flushable women’s stall and 1 flushable men’s stall


All services include all surfaces cleaned and sanitized. removal and proper disposal of waste, refills of anti-bacterial soap and paper towels, and all areas completely deodorized!

Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold! or call 1-888-768-6465