Pool Parties!

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to hold yourself a pool party! You hop on Facebook to create an event for your pool party and send the invitation to all of your closest friends and family. You have everything prepared; Thousands of ping-pong balls floating in the pool, snack foods laid out, grill prepped, and Pot-O-Gold’s portable toilet ordered!

Does a portable toilet sound like an odd thing to order for a pool party? Think about all of the foot traffic running through your house when nature calls upon your many guests. Water is tracked everywhere (providing your guests are kind enough not to use your pool as a lavatory) and after everyone leaves, you are left with the mess. Pot-O-Gold’s amazing porta potties completely eliminate this would-be mess.

Pot-O-Gold’s porta potties provide the perfect sanitation solution for any gathering. If any of your guests are handicapped, we have handicaped accessible toilets that provide extra space and hand rails for support. Our hand wash stations provide an excellent complement to our toilets to keep your hands nice and clean. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold or call 1-888-768-6465



Meet The Staff: Dexter Tate

Today’s subject is Dexter Tate. Before we begin, allow me to preface this with the fact that he is a man of very few words. This blog will be short and sweet.

Dexter Tate is from Amite, LA and is married with one child and would love to take his family on a vacation to Disney World. When he wants to get away from it all he likes to fish. Funny enough, his favorite resturant is House of Seafood. Dexter is also a pastor at Grace Temple.

Dexter has been an employee of Pot-O-Gold for 24 years. He has been around for quite some time. He is one of Pot-O-Gold’s finest pump truck drivers. img_20170113_14445320170403_.jpg

Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold!

Gone Fishin’

We all love to get away from it all. We just want to relax outside and listen to the sounds of nature. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees. The sound of the water breaking and birds singing their songs. The sound of a fishing rod being cast and the weight hitting the water. All the sounds together create a symphony of music that Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Bach, and Brahms would be envious of. It’s so peaceful. Sitting in your boat with the morning sun shining on the water paints a stunning image. It’s one of the best experiences you can have as a person.

After fishing for hours, you return to your camp to clean your catch. You carry your chest of fish to your cleaning station then the call of nature hits you. Luckily, you thought ahead. Knowing your camp doesn’t have a septic system, you ordered one of Pot-O-Gold’s amazing portable toilets and a hand wash station to clean your hands after your clean your catch.

Pot-O-Gold’s porta potties and hand wash stations provide an excellent choice of mobile sanitation for your fishing camps. Our portable toilets are spacious, comfortable and clean. Our hand wash stations keep your hands clean and sanitized. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold!


Meet The Staff: Mike Kelly

Today’s focus will be on Mike Kelly, born March 22, 1969. He is married to his “Hot Wife!!!” and has 9 – count them! – 9 kids from the ages of 25 all the way down to age 3 – 5 boys and 4 girls. He also has a dog.  Mike is from Milton, Florida and has been working for Pot-O-Gold since February. He also owns a Christmas tree farm.

Mike likes to indulge in hunting, fishing, and inventing in his spare time. His favorite food is seafood in general, and his ideal vacation is to go anywhere with his family.

Here is another little interesting tid bit of information. He holds concerts, haunted houses, and weddings on his farm.

Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold!

Carnival of Gold

Sam and Dean are brothers who are attending the annual monster themed carnival that comes to their home town! After riding the Howling Wendigo and Dean was done poking fun at Sam for not liking clowns, the boys decided to get some food. Sam sat down with some popcorn and some water while Dean was chowing down on a cheeseburger and some cherry pie. After they were done eating, Sam informs Dean that he has to go use the restroom. Dean walks his brother to the Pot-O-Gold portable toilets next to the Leviathan. After Sam was done, the boys proceeded to walk through the Djinn’s house of mirrors before they left for home.

Pot-O-Gold is the only choice for your restroom solution at your local carnival. Pot-O-Gold’s special event toilets are designed to provide comfort and convenience with a small shelf to hold hand bags and a small vanity mirror. Pot-O-Gold’s hand wash stations are a perfect complement to our porta potties.Clean hands after a restroom visit are a must! Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold or call 1-888-768-6465.


Meet The Staff: Scott Mosbey

Today’s subject is Scott Mosbey, born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 18, 1980. He comes from a family of 6 and is the eldest of 4 kids. He went to high school in Slidell Louisiana at Northshore high. He graduated in 2000. He attended Southeastern Louisiana University on a Tops Scholarship for 3 years studying business management and marketing. He is currently living in Sulphur, Louisiana and working out of our Lake Charles terminal. He got engaged in 2017 to Katina Cormier and enjoy time with her kids and grand babies. Scott currently doesn’t have any kids of his own. He finds great pride and enjoyment out of coaching basketball. He has coached league ball in Ponchatoula for over 10 years, coached AAU Basketball, and was NCAA certified to coach.

He was self-employed and owned multiple businesses all his life, and he comes from a family of entrepreneurs/ small business owners. Scott has been with Pot O Gold for 9 years come May 14 2017.

His hobbies are fishing, buying and selling online, and coaching basketball.

His favorite food is Seafood !! (He said that with 2 exclamation points) His favorite restaurant is Deanies in Bucktown! “The best Seafood around.”

He has vacationed in Destin, Florida every year since he was 21 years of age. This year he is really wanting to take the grand kids to Disney World. (which will be his first time too) The vacations on his bucket list still are an Alaskan Cruise , going to Australia, and Paris, France.

Last unique thing !

He collects $2 bills and has for many years.


Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold!

Meet The Staff: Sarah Kraemer

Today’s focus is on Sarah Kraemer. She was born June 22, 1991 and is from Tickfaw, Louisiana. Sarah has been together with her husband, Dustin, for 9 years. They have been married for 4. She has 2 beautiful little girls; a 4 year old named Aubrey and a 1 year old named Brinlee. She also has 2 fur babies! One is a white chocolate schnauzer named Ralph and a Catahoula named Ruger.

Sarah really enjoys hunting, fishing, and cook outs with friends and family. She has also started gardening with her eldest child Aubrey.

Sarah doesn’t have favorite specific foods, she has favorite styles! She loves Mexican, Italian, and sushi. Everyone can agree that her tastes are fantastic!

To cap this off, she doesnt have an ideal vacation, but an adventure. Spontaneity is definately in this woman’s wheel house. She wants to pack up her girls and hit the road. Where the road will bring them, nobody knows.Resized_DSC_4943

Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold!